Joshua Prout

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Joshua Leonard Prout has recently been up to no good. This 26 year old dude has been found doing bad stuff to kids and even other, older people by scamming them out of their virginity and others out of hardware.

You might find him in the shady streets of Texas. That's also the location where he used to commit his first sin.

You see... this guy absolutely loves server porn. One could say he's kind of addicted to it. He's so addicted that he started up a company called 356NAP.


So you've heard this guy has way too much time on his hands, huh? Would you be surprised if I told you he even runs a "datacenter"? I bet you aren't surprised.

Behold 356NAP. Not only was this guy able to steal loads of Bitcoin and other alt-coin miners, but he also managed to piss off the whole LowEndTalk's community.

356NAP used to offer cheap colocation services and decent dedicated servers. But why did people pick him over some other random datacenter you may ask? That would be because of his very very competitive pricing. You see... Bitcoin miners use up a low of power and space and proud Prout was able to offer both power and space at a low cost, making his company a really compelling option.

The plot:

As you can imagine people started sending him their own miners and servers to colocate there and our beloved Joshy was just happier with each new victim.

You might be thinking: "How come noone sued him?". By that we're not saying he hasn't gotten sued, he just hasn't lost any lawsuits. That's due to him not providing any real legal forms, obligating him to pay for the lost hardware. Due to there not being enough proof, he simply left the courtroom without cuffs.