JetNode is owned by the same people as RapidHost, after they got added to SummerHoax they decided to change the name of the host, then close it and convert it into a Minecraft server. A month ago, they created JetNode, a company that copies a registred game hosting company and shitty support. Owners have put no effort into it. My friend and I sadly don't have invite to their discord, as we tried to add them to SummerHoax they banned us, and they are also lying that my friend allowed them to use the design.

The owner of the design (my friend) gave permision for RapidHost to use it, but not JetNodes. My friend also resigned from RapidHost when he knew all that happened and why it was added to here. Would also like to mention it isn't a registred company

When someone made a bot for them, The following happened.



In this screenshot you can see how mature they are. https://imgur.com/a/zcUqvdv


alt text
3.3.1 -- MCKingSam being rude.
alt text
3.3.2 -- Buying an oversold VPS from a meme host.
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